Join the Angry Heroes in their quest to exterminate all aliens and defend the world. Ready to play Angry Heroes online game now at Pokigames. You need to have more new feelings when participating in this game. There will be many new and surprising things. From the first play, you will be enthralled and captivated. Feel what it's like to fight against aliens. They want to take over your land. You must protect your domain. We will investigate the game's intriguing features together. Look for the game's regulations. To face the invaders, master the slingshot. Use powerful abilities to demolish every shelter and finish all levels.

Enjoy the online game Angry Heroes now at Poki free games. You will demolish your opponent with a slingshot. You will have bullets that are fixed. Adjust the gun's direction to find the right location of the opponent and begin firing. You must fire precisely where the aliens are standing. They will be shielded by wood pieces. It must be possible to remove all of them with sufficient power. To find flying bullets, the game will include directions and dotted lines. Use this method to estimate the trajectory of the bullets and fire more accurately. Simple gameplay, and eye-catching graphics. You will participate in additional games. We will explore numerous levels of the game together. You will have fun playing! If you love this game, you can play some more games similar to Tower Defense : Super Heroes.


Use a mouse or touch screen.

Who developer game?

Angry Heroes was developed by BestGamesDevelopers. Play it for free at


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