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Enjoy a special journey called Ball Puzzle that poki games for kids introduces to online multiplayer. Through a series of exercises, you'll be able to improve your mental skills in our game world. The game features 240 challenging levels. Create a path for the projectile by moving the movable tiles. You can retrace your previous action or use a hint if you get trapped.

Want to puzzle out novel paths? Take advantage of your spare time and join the version of the game we recommend today. Numerous participants have learned new principles and selected unique methods to unwind. Find a method to surmount all obstacles and safely guide the ball to the finish line on the new playing field. Who will perform well today? Conquer every voyage by joining the movement.

Many players have unlocked the special game space at poki puzzle games. After completing difficult levels, you can teach your peers how to play. There is a correct solution for each level that allows the player to complete the mission. Where do the pipelines connect? Utilize your abilities to complete the games on today's special schedule. Each participant is prepared for a fresh challenge and playing style. Create originality with the most accurate response. If you move less, you can earn three stars per turn.

Connect the pipelines and locate the ball's path using our online voyage. Numerous players adore this online game universe and wish to participate in order to complete every quest in their leisure time. Choose your unique playstyle with the addition of new missions. Players will be prepared for a variety of challenges. Discover all the newest versions of your favorite game genres today. We suggest players online list like Magic Circus – Match 3 and Huggy Puzzle.


Left click to connect the pipes until the ball can move.

Who developer game?

Ball Puzzle was developed by Inlogic Software. Play it for free at


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