During World War I, a regular but valiant soldier is given instructions that seem unattainable. Save the land alongside your fellow soldiers in Battalion Commander 1917, a game available on You're the last man standing from this conflict. In order to preserve the planet, you must demonstrate courage. Show your foes that you have the strength of a hero. Using your weapons and abilities in this fierce conflict is much more appealing.

So, what's your plan of action? You shouldn't be too concerned. Even after your first playthrough, you'll be hooked. He's in a race against the clock to go inside enemy territory, locate the terrorist leader, and kill him in order to save his friends. The soldier in question is you. Put an end to the imprisonment of all troops. They are the world's saviors together. You will have companions; the squad will function as a whole. Together, let's try plenty of exciting new things. An very lifelike environment for playing the game.

The online military game Battalion Commander 1917 is now available for your enjoyment at PokiGames. You'll be able to put up a good fight and come out on top. The gold you collect on each run may be used to purchase powerful enhancements like heavier tanks. Being a courageous soldier may lead to some exciting adventures. You can get the job done without worrying too much about it. Get together with your pals and have some fun. Keep your finger on the trigger and aim carefully. Your efforts will eventually lead to the complete and utter destruction of your adversaries. What are you waiting for, discover some more games similar to Ricochet Arrow.


Click the left mouse button or touch the skill button to activate the skill.

Who developer game?

Battalion Commander 1917 was developed by IriySoft. Play it for free at

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