Want to test your mettle as a survivor? Visit us here at poki free online and play Desert Survival for a once-in-a-lifetime survival adventure. Keep a titan alive for as long as possible in this game. This giant is a resident of a desert that is set to be hit by a meteorite shower. Standing stationary is death for that giant. You've presumably come to assist shield it from asteroids.

Defend the titan from falling meteorites while gathering as many diamonds as possible to fill the bar at the game's bottom. This is titan's health indicator. Your titan is alive as soon as that bar isn't empty. A warning symbol will appear on the screen if a meteorite is approaching Earth. Predicts the precise location where a meteor will crash on the ground. If you take a look at this notice, you'll know just where to steer your titan without getting in any trouble.

Two giants will be seen crossing the screen from left to right and back again. This one is yours, while the other belongs to the computer's processor. Disregard the giant created by the CPU. Nothing bad will happen to you, and nothing will be taken from you. On, all your attention should be on your giant.

Getting your titan destroyed by many titans won't kill it, unlike in other games at poki free online. Your giant will be defeated only when its health reaches 0. As a result, you need to not only obtain diamonds but also dodge meteors. You should give this easy-to-understand but difficult game a go at least once. Give it your best shot and see how many points you can rack up. Have a great gaming experience and check out other awesome games such as Squid Adventures.


Mouse or left/right arrow keys.

Who developer game?

Desert Survival was developed by NAPTECH LABS LTD. Play it for free at

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