It's time to put your strength on display. Drunken Boxing 2 is a fun physics-based fighting game in which you play as a drunk fighter and compete in 5 rounds to see who is the greatest boxer.

There are several games here Poky games online that include a 2-player mode, and this is one of them. What could be more pleasurable than playing a game with your friends? This not only allows you to have a terrific gaming experience together, but it also adds competitiveness to the game. If you don't have anybody to play with, select 1–player mode and your opponent will be the computer.

So you and your opponent will enter the ring and the winner will be determined after 5 rounds. It implies you must defeat him in at least three rounds to win. To do this, you must fire fast punches at your opponent while denying him any opportunity to block your strike. You must, however, keep an eye out for your energy bar.

In, if your energy runs out, you become vulnerable and can be knocked out by your opponent. This energy bar will take some time to recover from. Furthermore, have a glance at your opponent's energy bar; if it is about to run out, you must take advantage of that opportunity to rapidly defeat him and win the round. You can sometimes force your opponent off the ring to end the round faster. Break a leg and have fun with more games like Funny Battle Simulator and Mr Fight Online.


Player 1 uses arrow keys and Player 2 uses WASD.

Who created Drunken Boxing 2?

This is created by RHM Interactive. Play it for free at


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