Playing the Guns And Magic game on Poki Online will teach you how to be the farm's master and keep them and their possessions safe. In this game, you'll encounter several novel and interesting challenges and situations. You are, right? Perfect yourself by being the person you most admire. Make an effort to breach their defenses and engage the attackers.

The very first time you play this game, you will fall in love with it. New experiences will be within your reach. Utilize everything at your disposal: construct turrets and barriers, lay traps, summon reinforcements, and alter your strategy. A variety of shooting methods will be at your disposal to eliminate the attackers. They're using their weapons to move quickly, so you'll have to struggle to keep up. Train your thinking to dominate the situation.

The free game Guns And Magic on has a lot of interesting secrets for you to uncover. Don't let your guard down among all the unusual visitors to your home. There are powerful people who want to take over your land because of its immense wealth. You can't afford to let them win at your expense, so you won't. To ward off attackers, make use of what you have and be ready to adjust your strategy swiftly. After pressing the play button, you'll sense a surge of excitement and curiosity.

Everything we want is welcome here. In the face of adversity, your confidence will grow. You should attempt to finish all of the levels. Familiarize yourself with more interesting activities. It's likely that you'll be invited to more thrilling matches. Gamers will experience a wide range of fresh emotions thanks to the high quality of both the gameplay and the visuals. Will you be able to keep your farm safe? The only limit is your own creativity. If you want to experience more new things, ready to join another game similar to Battalion Commander 1917.


WASD to move. Mouse to look around. E to build and upgrade. Left mouse button to shoot.

Who developer game?

Guns And Magic was developed by justaliendev. Play it for free at

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