Join the thrilling battle journey of Last Stickman Fighter and fight like a true hero with various moves. Experience the excitement of online gaming at Poki All Games and engage in 4 stickman wars today. Showcase your skills in 9 exhilarating rounds and secure a spot among the top 4 players. Unlock a vast array of weapons and 100 action-packed maps. Are you ready to become the world's greatest Stickman Warrior? Take up arms and prove your mettle on the battlefield!

Learn the ropes of the game with the tutorial and numerous game tips to score high and unlock all levels. This game has garnered a massive following among players worldwide. Use logic to make strategic choices and conquer new missions.

Outsmart other stickmen and dominate the online player leaderboards. The game's latest version promises players an exciting gaming experience with a variety of gameplay options and themes. Explore new battles and unlock colorful worlds during your leisure time. Sit back, relax, and embark on a unique journey to complete all your online quests.

So, who will emerge victorious in these challenging missions? Join the fray and find out! Save Poki's new game list. After joining them, you can introduce them to new friends. Win our game and unlock many more fighting games like Stickmen Crowd Fight and Ninja Robo Hero.


Use Left Mouse to move and slide and right click to attack.

Who developer game? developed this game. Play Last Stickman Fighter for free at


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