In addition to many other recent updates, Longest Neck Stack Run 3D is now available on If you're looking for new games to add to your rotation, this is a great alternative to explore. It's a little strange, but in a good way. While competing on the runway, you'll want to speed toward the rings that are the same color as you. Attempt to amass a large quantity of them.

The goal is to wear these rings till your neck seems longer. A greater reward awaits those with longer necks. It's important to remember that you may only take the rings that match your color. Some of the rings you already have will be taken away if you try to gather rings of other colors. Make your neck seem longer by stacking rings around it.

Unlike in other Poki com, where you age or gain size as you acquire goods, in this one your neck grows but the rest of your body stays the same, which is rather stunning. By entering the portal, you may also undergo a color transformation. You are interested in collecting jewels in addition to rings. To a gem, going to the mall is like going to the grocery store. The shop could have some unique items that are worth buying. So, the goal is to run as far as you can, gather as many rings as possible, and cross the finish line without being struck.

Prizes are awarded at the finish line based on the length of the competitors' necks. Keep piling up the bright rings and enjoy the final reward. Don’t hesitate anymore. Start the game now and don’t forget to check out other great options such as Sweet Shop 3D.


Left/right arrow keys.

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