Have a good time with this engaging game. Poopy Dungeons is a new game available only on Poky free games. In this game, a small soldier answers the call of the special forces. Becomes imprisoned in a maze where a ferocious monster is on the loose! Have a good time with this action, shooting, and puzzle game!!!!

A special squad answers the call of concerned locals who claim to have seen a frightening purple monster terrorizing the alleyways!!! Only one survivor survives and requires your assistance to escape safely. This dungeon full of hostile troops who will not hesitate to shoot you. You come too close and will not stop hunting, you until you are eliminated!!!

The goal of the game is to control the soldier as he walks around the dungeon with varying degrees of difficulty, allowing you to shoot everything that moves against you. To finish each level, you must remove the fearsome Huggy Wuggy and collect the key to each level!! You may upgrade your armament, such as your guns, shield, and first aid kit.

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Move with the mouse on PC Touch and drag the joystick on mobile devices, tablets.

Who created Poppy Dungeons?

It is created by Taptapking. Play it for free at


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