Have a great game in poki free online! Run Boys is an engaging and challenging online game that will appeal to players seeking a competitive and addictive experience. With two game modes available, Plush Run and Adventure, players can enjoy different challenges and earn coins to progress in the game.

Plush Run, inspired by Fall Guys, offers players five rounds of challenges against other online players. To advance to the next round, players must rank among the top 15 or 20 players, depending on the round. Players must not only be fast but also skillful to pass each challenge. Falling behind or losing in any round requires players to start over from the beginning, spending a certain number of coins to play again.

Adventure mode takes players on an endless adventure where they can earn coins by killing monsters and going through several gates. Before starting a new battle, players can choose one power-up from three available options to gain an advantage over enemies. Power-ups include Energy Spheres, Heal, Major Damage Boost, Back Shot, Shield, Poison Spheres, Fire Spheres, Maximum Health, and Frost Spheres. Coins earned can also be used to purchase new characters in the store.

Overall, Run Boys is an excellent choice for players who enjoy challenging and competitive online games. With its two game modes and various power-ups, players will surely have a fun and addicting gaming experience. What more are you looking for? Dig into this action-packed online game now and check out other cool choices at poki arcade games such as Girl Surfer 3D and Snowball Dash.


Arrow keys to move and Space to jump.

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