Experience the ultimate shooting adventure with Shot For Hire, the latest addition to Poki's shooting games collection. This game will test not only your accuracy but also your action gameplay skills. Your ability to aim correctly and eliminate your opponents will be crucial in surviving these intense shooting matches. You and your team of mercenaries will roam the ruined city of Ravenburgh, defending against attacking rogues and ensuring that no more thefts occur. By eliminating these rogue parties, you'll be responsible for restoring peace to the city.

Pick your team of mercenaries, each with their unique techniques and skills, to assist you on your journey. Work together to overcome even the toughest challenges and showcase your great teamwork skills. As you unlock and connect more cities, you'll have access to additional mercenaries to expand your team. Search for the perfect team around the guild and see if you can build your full team within the limited timeframe.

In this exciting game from Poki Games Unblocked, players engage in various missions. Locate your target and receive your new mission. How many missions will you be able to clear in one go? Switch between weapons to ensure you have the right tools for each mission. Prepare yourself for a thrilling adventure with Shot For Hire. Discover more journeys and adventures with other similar-themed games like Stick Duel: Battle Hero and Guns And Magic.


Use the touch screen or mouse cursor to choose the weapons and to shoot.

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Melon Gaming developed this game. Play it for free at


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