Do you enjoy it? If it's one of your favorite games, you won't want to miss Silly Snakes, a great clone of the original. It's a life-or-death battleground where you must compete with gamers from all around the world for glory on the leaderboard. Everyone's goal is to develop the snake into the biggest and longest one possible and to conquer the arena by devouring as many bright dots as possible.

You must not only focus on feeding while playing, but you must also avoid other snakes crawling across the map. Why do you feel compelled to do so? If your head comes into contact with the body of another snake, you burst into dots, which the others may gladly enjoy. When you reach a certain length, you may use your body to catch and kill lesser opponents. Use this method with caution, and keep an eye out for those who will do the same to you.

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Use your mouse to play.

Who created Silly Snakes?

It is created by Muhammad. Play it for free at


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