Stack Crash Ball is a 3D casual game in Poky free online games, which players smash, bump, and bounce their way through whirling helix stacks to the finish line. Does that seem simple? You want it! Your ball smashes like a brick through the colorful stacks that prevent it from falling, but if you strike a black one, it's game over! Your ball shatters, and you must restart your descent from the beginning. Even black stacks, however, are no match for a full-speed fireball!

Choose your strategy: accelerate like a lunatic or slow down and wait for your next opportunity to roll and jump. Stack Crash Ball is an extremely enjoyable and addicting one-touch casual game. Hold down on the screen and let the ball fall without contacting the obstacles! Hold for as long as you can to form a combination and shatter the black stacks. Allow the ball to descend from the helical stacks.

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- Simply hold your finger down to accelerate the rate at which the ball falls.

- Avoid breaking or touching the black stacks.

- When the tapping action is repeated, the Stack Ball transforms into the Fire Ball.

- Guide your ball to the bottom of the tower.

Who created Stack Crash Ball?

This is created by Mak Game Hub. Play it for free at


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