Stickman Fight is an addictive action-packed fighting game. At pokigames, you will face an onslaught of ninja opponents. Hordes of stickmen will attack you and kill you. At all costs, stop them. It all comes down to time. You will win if you have good timing. Otherwise, you will be unable to protect your life. Enemies will attack you from both the right and left sides. To beat them and safeguard your life, wait until they are near to you before attacking. You will never miss if you do this. If you attack too soon, you will be able to attack again immediately.

Fighting against endless hordes of stickmen is what you do in this exciting Poki Online game. Killing foes will earn you cash, which you can spend on acquiring new weapons and improving old ones to increase their strength. Because this is an ongoing fighting game, try your hardest each time you play to establish a record, then break it the following time. A match is only over until you die. More foes will appear as time passes. It indicates that the game's difficulty level has increased. Good luck and test your skills in other fun games such as Mr Noob Fighter.


Right and left arrow keys.

Who developer game?

Stickman Fight was developed by Gamezoon. Play it for free at!


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