Tornadoes are appearing in this city that is the aim that you must achieve. The goal of this tornado is to demolish all cities and collect the tallest structures to earn a high score. Doesn't it seem intriguing? Super is a new game in the genre that has recently been published. There will be tornadoes of enemies all around you. This game is not easy, but it is full of challenges. Tornadoes from other opponents are quite strong. As a result, whenever you come across it, you must avoid it. Tornadoes smaller than you can be killed by racing over and consuming them.

This is a duel of tornadoes vs. tornadoes. It's difficult to remain alive! Be aware that there will be barriers and objects that you cannot touch all around you. Everything must be done with caution because if you go too fast and lose control, you will not be able to win the game and become the final survivor. There will be a slew of various gamers morphing into tornadoes and competing for the top spot. Concentrate on the observation game and use your resourcefulness to demolish all of the structures in the city with a single tornado.

Because of its easy rules and engaging action, this game is appropriate for all ages. If you don't know what to do with your free time, let's spend it playing this game. You won't be sorry. Have the greatest gaming experience possible and have more fun with


Use the mouse to help your character move and collect tall buildings.

Who created Super

This is created by YAD.Com. Play it for free at


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