Descriptions The Smurfs Cooking Game

Help Chef Smurf prepare a feast for the impending Smurf festival, a massive community celebration. Once participating in this Smurfs Cooking from poki girls games, you will be able to thrive and showcase your talented cooking with a wide range of recipes.

From making cupcakes to frying pancakes to combining doughnut mixes, etc., your abilities will be challenged. You will not only be responsible for preparing and baking, but also for decorating and topping the delectable muffins, cakes, and cookies to make them appear great! There is an abundance of powder, icing, sugar, milk, and jam, among other regularly used components.

Don't forget to offer tea and fruit punch to top off the desserts at the festival. Throughout each level, players will offer just one sort of snack to clients in Smurf Village, which means you will work your way through the list in order. Enter the beautiful woodland world with the help of the in-game tutorial and the Smurfs' fascinating plot!

How proficient are you at handling these delectable delicacies under time constraints? Not everyone will appreciate the same genre. Come up with the best beverages to combine with the dessert and win over the finicky diners at this massive food festival.

Are you prepared to assist the woodland residents in this game immediately? Other similar games such as Cooking Korean Lesson are also popular in the collection of cooking games from, so don't miss out on this chance to check them out too!


Click on the kitchen utilities and drag them to control.

Who developer game?

The Smurfs Cooking was developed by IMPS. Play it for free at


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