If you have a lot of free time. Twerk Run is an online game available now at Poki hot games. Accept this thrilling game right now. You must try a variety of new and intriguing activities. Are you prepared for this new and difficult race? Twerk Run is an exciting runner game in which the main goal is to build the character's body in order to win the fast-running challenge. This game's purpose is to win the weight battle. That is the new aspect. When you run rapidly, you consume energy. However, in this case, you will sprint while eating a lot to gain energy, and the last battle will bring you the reward. You may encounter burgers or green veggies along the route. If you eat bread, you will gain weight; if you eat green vegetables, you will lose weight dramatically.

Do you want to try your hand at playing the online game Twerk Run at You will have more one-of-a-kind new experiences. More enjoyment! You will sprint and not leave any bread behind. You must weigh more than your opponent. The last battle will be difficult if you are tiny. We can finish those levels. To gain weight, you simply need to move appropriately and absorb all of the fat in the burger. Do you understand the rules of this game? Very intriguing and amusing. Playing this game will make you a lot more professional. We shall demonstrate our abilities together. The gameplay is easy, rich, and full of surprises; gamers will undoubtedly like it. If you love this game, you can play some more games similar to Get Lucky.


Use a mouse or touch your phone to play.

Who developer game?

Twerk Run was developed by 2Play. Play it for free at


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