Pirate zombies are taking over the seas and snatching mermaids. All marine animals are being transformed into zombies. Fight them while saving the mermaids. Zombie Mission 11 is waiting for you at So, on the same device, you may play 1-player mode or 2-player mode with one of your friends. Your main goal, regardless of mode, is to kill all zombies and rescue all captive mermaids. Throughout the journey on the beach and beneath the ocean, you will face several hazards, including not just zombies but also lethal traps. Take each step with caution. You definitely don't want to run out of HP before reaching the exit.

This Poki online game has 25 levels, and you can only complete a level if you fight all zombies, rescue all the mermaids, and reach the ultimate goal. When you are assaulted, harmed, and die, you will be resurrected by the last parrot you touched. A parrot represents a checkpoint. Break a leg and have a good time playing. Here are some of the best games you should try out: Ship Invaders.


Player 1: uses WASD to move, C to hit/shoot, V to throw a grenade, W to make a wall jump, Q-E to switch weapons, and Q+E to use a special attack (when the bar is full).

Player 2: uses arrow keys to move, L to hit/shoot, K to throw a grenade, up arrow to make a wall jump, O-P to switch weapons, and O+P to use special attack (when the bar is full).

Who developer game?

Zombie Mission 11 was developed by RHM Interactive. Play it for free at


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