Play and have fun in this new action game and adventure based on the Zombie Shooting 2D game from Poky online games. Aim precisely to eliminate the zombie horde. Tighten your grip on your gun's trigger and shoot all the scary zombies. A terrible sickness transformed humanity into zombies in the year 2022. Almost all human survivors have died or been infected, and the Earth has devolved into a zombie wasteland.

Turn into a zombie hunter. Eliminate every undead roaming the zombie district battleground, defend a zombie PVP, and save the last zombie survivor. Pursuing zombies at night. The finest weapons for killing zombies are a sniper rifle and a corpse. Slay the zombies and continue your journey in Zombieland.

You play as real-life a zombie hunter in this action-packed 3D game. Monsters and weapons This zombie-infested a scenario at your disposal in this FPS a tactical mobile game. Put your shooting accuracy to the test. The main character in this zombie RPG FPS action combat game is a sniper hunter who uses the best gear and firearms.

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"WASD" - move character, Use mouse to shooting.

Who created Zombie Shooting 2D?

It is created by CrazyGame. Play it for free at


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